The Tea Party Movement

For the last few years there has been a movement that is gaining strength in this country. It is called the Tea Party movement, and it’s aim is to stop the out of control spending in Washington that affects all red blooded Americans like me and you! The Tea Party Movement is a grass roots activist organization that is made up of everyday local people who have had enough with the socialist slide this country has taken. The fat cats in Washington want to tax us to death, take away our guns, and control our lives.

If you are ready to stand up to big governemtn like the rest of us rednecks do, then the Tea Party Movement might just be our last best hope to get this country out of the gutter. This nation was buit on freedom and democracy with God’s blessing and we will fight to stop the liberal socialist agenda from taking away the rights each of us are born with. So many men and women have given their lives to defend our country, when the greatest threat comes from our leaders.

Getting involved is the first step and damn near the responsibility of all God fearing Americans. With one voice we will be heard! Don’t just sit on your but, get out and do something today!


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